Ultra Detail Plastic

Ultra Detail Plastic

Ultra Detail Plastic is a part of the Vero family which consists of a range of materials viz., Vero WhitePlus, Vero Cyan, Vero Magenta etc. These are rigid, opaque materials which have shore hardness in the range of 83-86D. Due to its excellent feature retention capability, Ultra Detail Plastic parts are used in applications that require small, detailed features.

Ultra Detail Plastic comes in a pure white color and has a smooth surface finish. The parts can be made matte or glossy during manufacturing itself. This usually eliminates any need for post-processing operations. Since the parts are fabricated in Polyjet technology, they have support structure generation. These are wax-like supports which can be removed manually or with the help of a water-jet. Ultra Detail Plastic material can be blended with Tango-Elastic photopolymer to vary hardness, flexibility, translucency, and heat resistance.

Natural Color: White

Maximum bounding box: 490 x 390 x 200 mm

Accuracy: (+/-) 100-200 µm

Average turnaround time: 4-5 business days

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  • Rigid material with smooth surface finish
  • Available in variety of colors
  • Excellent feature retention capability and accuracy
  • Post-processed part quality in as-build condition
  • Can be blended with Flexible materials


  • Unsuitable for snap-fits and live hinges
  • Parts may warp when exposed to higher temperatures (greater than 45-50˚C)


  • Small aesthetic parts and display models with intricate features
  • Parts with multi-material capabilities
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • FMCG and packaging industries
  • Automotive interiors

Material data

Ultra Detail Plastic is a rigid material with excellent feature retention capability and dimensional accuracy. It is mainly used in applications requiring small, precise, and intricate features.

Ultra Detail Plastic Design Guidelines

Wall thickness

  • For a given part geometry, the minimum wall thickness should be at least 0.8mm.
  • For decent strength: 1.5mm.
  • For rigid wall: 2mm.

Minimum feature Thickness

  • The minimum supported feature thickness: At least 0.4 mm.

Support Structures

  • Since Ultra Detail Plastic parts are fabricated in Polyjet technology, support structures are generated on part geometries with overhangs and unsupported features.

Embossing and Engraving:

  • Recommended fonts for a clear, legible text: Arial, Gothic
  • Letter strand width: at least 0.5mm
  • Embossing height: at least 0.5mm
  • Engraving (cavity) depth: at least 0.5mm


  • If the length of the wall is greater than 50mm (5 cm), then a minimum wall thickness of 2mm should be kept to impart decent strength.